disharmony reborn

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version 1.3.8

the new world made call shadow world

new way of fps that make it better no more fake fps 

disharmony blocks

blood netherreck
blood netherreck brick
demi fox
ice rottenflash block
rottenflash block
ice cobbblestone
ice stone 
ice stone brick
mist oak 
wind leaves
mist wood
mist lamo 
crystal ice block
blood vein
stone glass 
darken stone
speed up block
ice gravel 
ice hard dust
ice smooth stone 
help fram wood
metal stone
metal cobbblestone
metal brickstone
sea stone
sea cobbblestone
sea brickstone 
sea stone eye
light diamond ore
stone oak log
silver leaves
stone oak wood

disharmony plants

flower flower
mist sapling 
wind flames
silver sapling 
bamboo spike seed 
pepper plant 

disharmony tools

demon sword
demon light sword
demi toy sword 
moon fist
demi toy shovel 
demi toy pickaxe
demi toy hoe
demi toy axe
ore wish 
bone pick 
coal pick 
light diamond sword
light diamond shovel
light diamond pickaxe
light diamond hoe
light diamond axe 

disharmony items 

iron stick 
blood netherreck bricks
flames dye 
demi fox ore
pepper seed 
mist stick 
stuck dirt 
ice dust 
lift seed 
life mod 
half bone 
light diamond 

disharmony armors

demi armors 
light diamond armors 

disharmony mods 

froze zombie 
choas zombie
flash zombie 

disharmony biomes

distance forest 
silver forest 

new come update soon 

curse tree 
sam sword 
there come more 


button on 
F ( can use Lightning Bolt however if use well hurt self so look out and well only like act drop 

add help for your performance to get the world smooth and loading better on your fps so you can use better play it then last time now if have problems in this i can not fix it so i hope get it 

Modification files
disharmony ver.2 2.4.jarUploaded on: 04/01/2018 - 20:20   File size: 7.79 MB
disharmony rebron 1.3.8.jarUploaded on: 10/04/2019 - 13:56   File size: 1.08 MB

well i keep going till i have no ideas left  but the version is now new so i going to do all version what up come 

this old block name is wither terrorcotta get new update stuff on it and you like but the version is not done yet  on version 1.8  thatit comes out  and you well like it