Total Survival Overhaul

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** This mod is very new, and nowhere near complete, I am only posting it right now because I would like to hear any suggestions people have **

Total Survival Overhaul is a mod that does just that, completely overhauls the vanilla minecraft survival experience. My aim to combine many the visions of many other mods I've seen before to make a massive new mod that adds everything from new weapons and plants to new dimensions and boss fights. The way I've been developing it so far is that I'll hop into a survival game of vanilla minecraft, and every new idea I have that I think "Oh, it'd be cool if this was in the game", or "If I had this, it would make accomplishing this task much easier." Stuff like that. If you have any such ideas, I'd love to hear them, as that's how I will keep thinking of new ideas to expand the mod, and in the end I hope to make the mod almost bigger than the game itself, adding hours or even days to the playtime.


  • Obsidian armor
  • 3 new ores (Bauxite, Cassiterite, and Copper)
  • 7 new ingots (Obsidian, Tin, Aluminum, Copper, Bronze, Sandstone, Steel)
  • 10+ new blocks
  • 2 new tool sets (Sandstone, Bronze)
  • 1 new furnace (Heavy Blast Furnace, used to obtain obsidian ingots)
  • 1 new dimension (Alpha Dimension)


  • More uses for each ore
  • More ores, armors and toolsets
  • Custom soundtrack with more epic music for exploration or boss fights (Not 100% how plausible this really is)
  • More types of dogs/wolves (Each with their own unique traits)
  • More hostile mobs in the overworld that will constantly seek you out and try to kill you forcing you to make defenses in your home and be extra careful when you go out exploring and adventuring
  • More plants that you can grow and eat (Squash, Beans, etc.)
  • More boss fights w/ their own dimensions and/or dungeons
  • More biomes in both the end and the nether
  • New rare ore that spawns in the nether can give you enderpearls when smelted down
  • More dimensions that continue down from the alpha dimension (Beta dimension, so on, each one gets increasingly difficult to survive in, and to get from one to another you have to first visit the dimension previous, for example, if you want to get to the beta dimension, you must first travel to the alpha dimension and defeat a boss, and each dimension gets weirder than the next with physics eventually being broken, making it incredibly hard to traverse without the proper tools)
  • Taking suggestions!
Release type
In development
Latest supported Minecraft version

  • Added new dimension (Alpha Dimension) w/ own biomes and fluids
  • Added 2 more achievements
  • Added 6 new blocks
  • Added 1 new furnace (Heavy Blast Furnace, use lava to smelt obsidian into ingots)
  • Added some secret stuff (Not gonna give any spoilers)

Nice mod and plans :)
I hope the obsidian armor is not too powerful (maybe it is as powerful as iron but more durable than diamond) because Obsidian is very easy to get (even if it takes a bit of time to mine it...)

Yeah I want to make it a bit more powerful than diamond, but I also want it make it much harder to smelt it down into ingots, maybe with some sort of custom furnace that's real hard to get or something along the lines of that.

Submitted by proxerater on Sun, 06/09/2019 - 22:33

I like this concept. I think it would be nice to center it more on actual survival; Such as mobs that destroy your defenses like your walls and stuff, giving a purpose to having huge external walls. etc

Yeah that is 100% one of the things I will be focusing on, because I really like the idea of making it more like 7 days to die, where you have to constantly keep your base in good shape to defend against hordes of enemies, but the scope of the mod is much bigger than just that, it's going to be much much more!

Submitted by Ultame on Wed, 06/26/2019 - 03:07

Keep up the good work, hope you get it updated soon! :)