NewMod - New Minecraft vanilla stuff and fantasy!

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NewMod is a mod that brings new stuff from new Minecraft versions into old Minecraft versions (here, 1.12.2), but also more...
WARNING : Recipes that aren't showed here can be found with JEI.
WARNING 2 : New textures such as Crimson and Warped Nylium connect to vanilla texture such as Netherrack. For more confort, I created a ressource pack for 1.12.2 with new 1.16 textures. I advice you to play with it if you use my mod! Link here.
[100+ elements]

As said before, newer versions of Minecraft are here. So first of all, we have blocks :

Barrel :
Just like its 1.14 version, an alternative for chests.

Crimson Nylium/Stems/Planks/Stairs/Fences/Slabs/Trapdoors/Roots/Fungus, Weeping Vines and Shroomlights :
Can't be crafted (except for planks, stairs, fences, slabs and trapdoors), only found in Crimson Forests.

Warped Nylium/Stems/Planks/Stairs/Fences/Slabs/Trapdoors/Roots/Fungus, Warped Wart Block and Twisting Vines :
Can't be crafted (except for planks, stairs, fences, slabs and trapdoors), only found in Warped Forests.

Ancient Debris :
Spawn in the Nether, between floor 15 and 0.

Netherite Block :
A block made of Netherite Ingots, can be used for beacon base.

Smelter :
Used to smelt new things.
Needs lava above it to work. Smelting time takes about 1 minute.


Nether gold ore :
Can be found in the Nether, a bit more rare than the quartz ore.

Crying Obsidian :
A weird variation of obsidian. What does it do? Nobody knows..

Then, we have the Items :
Renforced Iron Ingot :
Used for some kind of stuff.

Netherite Scrap and Ingot :
New ores from 1.16.

Scrap and Ingot molds :
Can be use with the Smelter to make Netherite Scrap and Ingot.

Then we have tools, potions, mobs and armors :
Netherite tools (Sword, Pickaxe, Axe, Shovel and Hoe) :

Rotate Hammer :
Right clic to change a block's orientation, and when used to mine, can mine in 3x3.

Blaze Rod Bow :
Sends explosive arrows.

Haste potion :
A potion that gives the haste effect, like the beacon, but without beacon.

Wither potion :
A potion which gives the wither effect.

Cluckshroom :
The mooshroom version of the chicken!

Furnace Golem :
A golem made of furnace, be careful and don't burn yourself!

Stormtrooper Armor :
An armor to feel like a stormtrooper!

Netherite Armor :
THE most advanced armor of the game!

And finally, biomes! These biome are Nether like biomes. The problem is that the border between the Nether and the Overworld is a little broken, and sometime, you'll find these biomes in the Overworld.
Crimson Forest :
With all the Crimson stuff I introduced at the beginning.

Warped Forest :
With all the Warped stuff I introduced at the beginning.

- Blackout (Hidiho03) for making the main picture of my mod and helping me at code.
- Minecraft (then Mojang/Microsoft) for making the game that changed the history of games.
- MCreator (then Pylo) for making this awesome mod-builder.
- Blockbench for helping me create 3D models for new blocks and items.
- GIMP for helping me create and modify textures.
- Everyone that helped and/or supported me.

You are free to include this mod in your modpack. Credit is not required but appreciated. If you want, I can link your modpack here.

Modification files
newmod-a0.1.jar - A first alpha release634.91 KB
newmod-a0.2.jar - Bugs and textures fixes677.65 KB
newmod-a0.3.jar - More blocks!718.8 KB
newmod-r1.0_1.jar - First stable release!1.32 MB

Version a0.1 :
- Added Barrel
- Added Crimson Nylium
- Added Crimson Stems
- Added Crimson Planks
- Added Crimson Roots
- Added Crimson Fungus
- Added Weeping Vines
- Added Shroomlight
- Added Warped Nylium
- Added Warped Stems
- Added Warped Planks
- Added Warped Roots
- Added Warped Fungus
- Added Warped Warp Block
- Added Ancient Debris
- Added Netherite Block
- Added Smelter
- Added Renforced Iron Ingot
- Added Scrap Mold
- Added Ingot Mold
- Added Netherite scrap
- Added Netherite ingot
- Added Netherite Sword
- Added Netherite Pickaxe
- Added Netherite Axe
- Added Netherite Shovel
- Added Netherite Hoe
- Added Rotate Hammer
- Added Blaze rod Bow
- Added Throwing Axe
- Added Haste Potion
- Added Stormtrooper Armor
- Added Netherite Armor
- Added Crimson Forest biome
- Added Warped Forest biome

Version a0.2 :
- Removed Throwing Axe
- Added Haste Potion craft
- Modified Smelter functioning
- Modified Ingot Mold texture
- Modified Scrap Mold texture
- Bugfix [NM01] When throwing axe is recovered by player, it changes into an arrow.

Version a0.3 :
- Added Crimson and Warped fences.
- Added Crimson and Warped stairs.
- Added Crying Obsidian.
- Added Nether Gold Ore.
- Added Twisting Vines.
- Corrected Barrel texture.
- Modified Ancient Debris spawn frequency.
- Modified language and blocks name (such as Netherite Block becoming Block of Netherite) to make it as close as 1.16 updates.
- Modified loot tables to make molds correctly appear.
- Modified Smelter's model and texture. (brand new ones created by myself)
- Bugfix [NM04] Problem with the Rotate Hammer.

Version r1.0 :
- Added Crimson and Warped slabs.
- Added Crimson and Warped trapdoors.
- Added Ingot and Scrap molds recipes.
- Added Wither Potion.
- Added 2 mobs : the Cluckshroom and the Furnace Golem.
- Completely redefined the Crimson and Warped Forest biomes. (to make trees more custom and as close to 1.16 snapshots)
- Completely redesigned the code, implied a redefinition of IDs. (moving to MCreator 2020.2)
- Completely redesigned the GUIs. (Smelter and Barrel)
- Completely redesigned the textures. (16x16 original Minecraft)
- Created a ressource pack because textures like Crimson and Warped Nylium connect to vanilla textures like Netherrack, which are different in 1.16.
- Modified Nether Gold Ore mining event and texture. (to make it as close to new 1.16 snapshots updates)
- Modified the main texture of my mod. (the banner from MCreator)
- Modified the functionment of the Rotate Hammer.
- Modified the functionment of the Blaze Rod Bow.
- Bugfix [NM02] Ancient Debris may not generate correctly in the Nether.
- Bugfix [NM05] Twisting Vines can't be placed on Warped Nylium.
- Bugfix [NM06] Netherite tools don't have the right harvest level.

And oh my god, I stole the texture of the smelter from mojang's smoker texture! And same for the netherite block and almost all the block that are in the Nether Update.... "You stole that texture" means nothing...

We already have a mod that stole textures from mo creatures, and that mod got banned. Do you want your mod to get banned?
Actually Tinker’s construct is licensed under MIT license, which lets’ you do whatever you want with the assets but they reserve the right to take the mod down or take legal action against you…

Nice mod, but you can't just steal textures from other mods. If you don't want to draw then there is the MCreator texture generator, use that, but please don't steal textures.
Just imagine you spent some time drawing something and got very happy with how it looks then someone else steals it and uses it in his/her mod without even telling you. Maybe you wouldn't care much, but most people do.
So, please change those textures and use your own.

By the way, did you get inspired from my mod while writing the last part of the description (you can keep that, I was just asking)? XD

Yes, I said i'll change the texture in the next alpha release... I understand that.
And yes I was a little inspired from your mod for the end. I already had the idea of to-do list and bugs (because i've done other mods before) but yes, for the credits, it was you the inspiration.