The Last Days on Earth

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The Last Days On Earth Mod - Lore - You are  a survivor in the wastelands during the height of the zombie apocolypse. You have to survive using the materials you can scavenge.​

​Choose wheather you will stay peaceful and learn to live with survivors or kill them in the epic quest for survival!

​Current Plans for the Mod: It will be a mod that will focus on tough survival, and combat with the undead.​ Eventually there will be a custom map set in a city fitted with custom quests and events. And once Mcreator updates and allows the mod to be on a server

i will setup an Official Server!


Official Website:

Modification files
thelastdaysonearth.jar - Lates VerisonUploaded on: 07/27/2017 - 18:37   File size: 892.98 KB

The First Release is just a placeholder for the mod page right now, so don't hate as I'm still creating most features!!