Salami's Vanilla Variety

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playing in creative mode is currently the the main way of seeing all the mod has to offer, due to only a hand full of features working in survival mode. this will change as development continues, in addition, crafting recipes are currently not given to the player either, this will also change in the next few updates.

(this mod requires forge 1.19.2 and the appropriate GeckoLib version to launch properly.)



Feel like Vanilla Minecraft is a bit too bland for you? wanna spice it up with some fresh and quirky new content? then you've found the right mod for yourself!

Salami's Vanilla Variety offers you dozens of new mobs, structures, items, weapons, blocks, biomes and much more to discover and explore!

all exclusively designed to fit in into Minecraft's art style to really make everything feel right at home of course!



  • 44 brand new, fully animated mobs! (powered by GeckoLib)
  • 31 fancy new cosmetics and armor pieces!
  • 54 sturdy new blocks to use!
  • 3 mysterious new structures!
  • 32 exciting new items!
  • 1 sharp new weapon!
  • 1 lush new biome!
  • a whole set of new advancements and rewards!



  • Trinkets! - if you've ever played The Binding of Isaac you might find this familiar. these items are rare, special drops you can obtain through several different means. when you hold these items in your off-hand, you will gain its special effect! though usually a low chance of it occurring, they can pack quite the punch!


  • Mini-Bosses! - are you ready for a rumble? why not challenge one of the new mini-bosses? they can be summoned through different means ranging from hitting specific mobs or blocks with lightning, to crafting special summoning items, to randomly encountering them in your world! each mini-boss holds a special item for you to obtain after they are defeated! ranging from rare trinkets to special weapons or blocks. so its always worth a try to best them in combat!


  • Collectables! - fancy some hats? whenever you complete the new advancements in Vanilla Variety you get to unlock rare hats! stuffed with variety and references to all sorts of stuff relating to the advancement. don't like the hat you got? or did you lose it and want it back? then why not visit a "tailor villager" and trade them in for some quick money? whether you collect them or sell them off, its always nice to have some silly rewards!



The Witcher

a vengeful spirit claiming the remains of the forgotten to return to the world of the living. once approached he will attempt to shoot the player with his ranged "hellfire" attack! but that is not the only trick he's got up his sleeve, when attacked, there's a small chance he will summon another monster from out of the earth to send after you! beware the berried dead...

The Bloat

this zombie's appearance isn't influenced by junk food, instead he is stuffed with vile maggots that see the light of day once he explodes into guts when defeated! leave those pesky critters alive too long and they might just become a whole new problem to deal with after their transformation!


a friendly creature usually found in flower fields, it spends its time scuttling around and hunting for chickens. if it happens to be attacked and the block on its back breaks, it will attempt to escape and try to dig it self into a new one to shield its soft back side from harm! rumors say that if you feed it chicken it might find a liking in you...


the plains come alive when these little creatures run ramped! though inherently chaotic, these guys know how to make machinery! you may encounter buggies, turrets and even mechs they pilot with pride! they can be found in many different biomes and variants, each with their own ways of living and attacking!


these humongous creatures roam the desert both at day and night, looking to feed on scarab beetles. come to close and it might see you as a threat and attempt to sting you to death with its poisonous tail! their tails are also a delicacy and can be cooked into stinger cutlets, which cure poison when consumed!

The Beast

a mighty monster thought to be a demon long ago due to its strange appearance. usually found inside of monster hatcheries deep underground, or in the clutches of goblins as a means of mobility and attack power. though intimidating, they are gentle giants, unless they are hurt or ridden by another mob . they love the taste of apples!



id appreciate to hear your thoughts and feedback on the mod and its features! keep in mind to keep it constructive though, a simple "sucks" or "good" will not help me make changes or improve on the current features, so make sure to structure full sentences. if you simply have questions or are curious about things inside of the mod or future changes either send me a DM on the provided twitter or just wait for the list of changes in the change log.

cant wait to hear from you!

Twitter: @Salami_Dev

Discord Server:



this mod was made entirely using the provided MCreator procedure blocks and features without me having any sort of coding knowledge, if bugs or issues come up that i am unable to fix but someone else might know how to fix then id love to speak about it in DMs over on twitter and maybe make arrangements if possible. progress on the mod is steady and usually gets worked on daily, though i will only update the mod here if there is a substantial amount of progress done on it, minor things will not prompt an update right away. this page will get updated as the mod progresses over time.

Modification files
Salami's Vanilla Variety - PUBLIC ALPHA 1.0.1.jar - big general overhaul and bug fixes (recommended)Uploaded on: 10/22/2023 - 21:45   File size: 14.16 MB
Salami's Vanilla Variety - PUBLIC ALPHA 1.0.0.jar - first public alpha - still very unfinished/brokenUploaded on: 10/03/2023 - 08:54   File size: 13.34 MB

version: alpha 1.0.1


current changes:

  • big general overhaul of mechanics/entities/items/etc.
  • added and removed some items and mechanics
  • added and removed some mobs
  • armor pieces will no longer crash the game
  • clutter reduction overall
  • chestnut forest no longer takes over the entire biome generation
  • added helpful hint scrolls for the player to navigate to points of interest or explain things
  • almost all armor pieces will no longer clip into the players character layers
  • overall texture overhaul for some entities/items/blocks

expected update:

  • soon

quick reminder that there is a dedicated discord server for sneak peeks, updates and more! as well as my twitter.

Beautifully crafted models, excellent animations, I could easily see this competing with the likes of Mowzie's or Enemy Expansion. Please keep the updates coming, excited to see what else might be added. Though I will say, the Bloat's spawn rate might be a bit too high, I feel like I'm almost seeing them more often than actual zombies. That aside, this has tremendous potential.

Awesome! As somebody who doesn't know how to code in java (i know some other languages) and has to go to different forum topics to find how to do stuff, I can relate to this

how'd you get the trees working?
I'm trying to do that for my own mod but cant seem to make it work

The mod is amazing but there are 2 problems 1.The chestnut biome spawns too much 2.Putting some armors on crashes the game.