Chibi Buddies - New, Cute buddies!

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Do You Board when playing on Singleplayer? Do you can't Play on servers? Do you feel Alone? So This mod is for You! Chibi Buddies adds 7 (On 1.0.0, Updates add more) Cute and Chibi Buddies to your Singleplayer! Its a small mod made for 2016, My first Mod Post! Happy First Mod Post! At least that If you use it, You will enjoy. More Mods Coming Soon! -GDPlayDash, Mod Creator.


1.1.0 - That Update was a small update i wanted To do, I added more chibi Girls, Why? GIRLS GOT TALENT. -GDPlayDash, Mod Creator.


No Matter What, Sometimes theres a Boss or More in a mod. I thinked: Adding a Chibi Boss? Then, I made 1.2.0, The Boss Update! It adds an evil girl, Who growed up From legends of EVIL. Her name is Pastel. I also Added Queen Flow. ALSO, I change Suarez's AI so now she no longer Acts like an Iron golem (Some will still) CAN YOU DEFEAT PASTEL? -GDPlayDash, Mod Creator


Planned List:

*More Chibis.

*Making all AIs not like An iron golem.

*More Bosses.


Sad News: The mod no longer Updates.

Modification files
chibibuddies1.0.0.jar - 1.0.0, Release of The mod!Uploaded on: 09/09/2016 - 18:27   File size: 301.9 KB
chibibuddies1.1.0.jar.jar - 1.1.0, The first Update!Uploaded on: 09/10/2016 - 08:30   File size: 391.76 KB
chibibuddiesbossupdate.jar - 1.2.0, The Boss Update...Uploaded on: 09/10/2016 - 16:28   File size: 388.84 KB

This mod was a mistake made by a child with horrible english a.k.a small me