Published by trieck on Thu, 05/21/2020 - 02:34
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This mod simply allows you to create a robot companion. There are instructions on how to do this in creative or survival mode. Right now there is only one robot, but it serves as a companion and will follow you with a followchip, and kill all those pesky mobs! This is my first released mod, hope it's enjoyed!!!!


Workshop (Furnace+ Iron Block+ Crafting Table)

This creates the workshop to place the robot blocks in



Recipe for FollowChip:

This allows the robot to follow you when you have this in hand. 



Recipe for bob blueprint (pink tulip+3 stone+ 2 paper)

Put this into the blueprint station to complete the process. 



Robot Legs (6 iron blocks)




Robot Head (5 iron blocks and 1 redstone)



Robot Body (7 iron blocks + followchip + redstone)



Robot Blueprint Station (4 workshops +block of redstone)

Place this block in the same place as the workshop when the robot is built, and place the blueprint in the gui slot and click build. 


Modification files

If you give me ideas I'll be happy to add on, also let me know if there are any problems!!

can you make the crafting recipes a little clearer? i can't really tell what the items are because of the resource pack, sorry. what are the names of the items and what are their functions?

also, can you choose which mobs bob is friendly to?