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PrimiCraft- Minecraft with a challenge is a mod that adds many new items, tools, recipes and blocks that are meant to enhance and challenge the player. This mod is currently in BETA version 1.1b and major changes will occur somewhat often, like new tool additons or addons added for better gameplay.

       NOTE: Use mods that include recipe viewing like "JEI or NEI " to show the recipes for the items.        ​NOTE: ​Older versions of PrimiCraft will be moved to a serperate download location from now on! ​       NOTE: Check Update Logs for important news updates!

​​​Mod items added


  • Stone
  • Straw
  • Twig

​These materials are obtained by breaking ​Tall Grass​ blocks!

  • Hematite
  • Lignite
  • Red Clay
  • Wooden Board ​
  • Binding

{​Tool Parts}

  • Iron Hoe Head
  • Iron Sword Shaft
  • Iron Shovel Head
  • Iron Pickaxe Head
  • Iron Axe Head
  • Iron Saw Blade
  • Copper Pickaxe Head
  • Copper Shovel Head
  • Copper Axe Head
  • Copper Sword Shaft
  • Copper Hoe head


  • Hematite Ore
  • Lignite Ore


Tools are ​currently ​in two tiers: Primitive Stone - Iron Tools but more might be added in further updates.

[Primitive Tools] 

  • ​Primitive Stone Pickaxe
  • Primitive Stone Axe
  • Primitive Stone Shovel
  • Primitive Spear
  • Primitive Machete
  • Primitive Stone Knife
  • Primitive Hammer
  • Primitve Hoe

​All of these tools require Twigs not sticks to craft!

[Copper Tools]

  • ​Copper Sword
  • Copper Pickaxe
  • Copper Axe
  • Copper Shovel
  • Copper Hammer
  • Copper Hoe

[Iron Tools]

  • Iron Sword
  • Iron Pickaxe
  • Iron Axe
  • Iron Shovel
  • Iron Saw
  • Iron Hoe

These tools require sticks to craft due to high advancement! [/spoiler​]

{Disabled Recipes/Changed Recipes}

This is a compiled list of the disabled/changed Vanilla Recipes:


  • ​All ​Wooden - Gold tools recipes have been disabled and if you try to craft them you'll get an item thats called "Item not found​ "
  • Furnace recipe has been changed to require PrimiCraft materials like: Red Clay and Straw (Also requires Stone Slabs)
  • Stone Slabs recipe has been changed to require PrimiCraft materials like: Stone​(Any other method will yeild " Item not found ​")
  • Sheild recipe requires PrimiCraft materials like: Wooden Board​

​{Additonal Recipes}

​​These recipes were added to improve the experience and make it easier to get vital materials early game.

  • ​Stone ( 1 sheared grass ) [​Yields 2 stone​]
  • Straw ( 2 sheared grass) [​Yields 3 straw​]
  • Twig ( 3 sheared grass) [​Yields 3 twigs​]

Update Log

​Update 1.0b:

  • ​Before Official Release, needed tweaking before releasing it. (​ Never Released )

Update 1.1b:

  • Official Release of PrimiCraft

Update 1.2b:

  • Added Kindling
  • Removed need for PrimiCraft+ addon ( For now )
  • Fixed broken Recipes
  • Added Corrugated Iron
  • Added Shears recipe
  • Removed Heavy Rock (For now)
  • Changed Furnace recipe to require Kindling instead of straw
  • Nerfed Primitive tools mine speed (Pickaxe, Axe and Shovel efficiency decreased to 3 from 4)
  • Buffed Primitive Spear damage by 1 ( from 1 to 2 )
  • Increased crafting yeild for some basic material recipes ( binding yeild changed from 1 to 2 )

Update 1.3b:

  • ​Fixed some bugs and tweaked items

Update 1.4b​:

  • Added Copper Tools and Ore
  • Buffed Iron Tools mine speed
  • Buffed Iron Swords attack by 1
  • Tier progression now requires the appropriate Hammer Type​ ( Primitive Hammer -> Copper Tools -> Copper Hammer -> Iron Tools )
  • Added new Creative Tabs ​for tools
  • Coal from Lignite is now a fuel
  • Organized Creative Tabs ​for items

Update 1.5b

  • Added Copper Tools recipe
  • Iron Tools durability increased by 75 (​ From 350 to 425 )
  • New torch recipes ( ​Twig torch yeilds 2 and Stick torch yeilds 6 when lignite coal is used )
  • Fixed Binding recipe to yield 2 when crafted
  • More Creative Tabs and organization
  • Adjusted mining speeds for tools and attack damage

​Update 1.6b

  • ​Copper Ore hardness increased to 4
  • Decreased stone tools durability by 20 ( 100 from 120 )
  • Machete durability decreased by 15
  • Spear durability decreased by 15 and attack speed increased by 1
  • Copper Tools durability increased by 20 ( From 230 to 250 )
  • Added the tool Hoe ( Stone to Iron )


Important Update News:

Older Versions will be ​MOVED​ to a seperate download location due to the limit!

​Older Versions Downloads:


​PrimiCraft 1.1b: 

PrimiCraft 1.2b: 

​PrimiCraft 1.3b:

PrimiCraft 1.4b:

​PrimiCraft 1.5b:

PrimiCraft 1.6b:


PrimiCraft + 1.0b:…;



Modification files
primicraft_1.6b.jar - PrimiCraft update (1.6b) The Farmers tools update255.31 KB
primicraft_1.5b.jar - PrimiCraft update (1.5b) Download! fixed a lot of issues!234.31 KB
primicraft_1.4b.jar - PrimiCraft update (1.4b) The Copper Update222.34 KB
primicraft_1.3b.jar - PrimiCraft update (1.3b)176.37 KB

Update 1.2b will be released soon!

This update will add Copper Tools and the corresponding ore!

Please leave a comment of what you think of the mod!

Update 1.2b Released!

The update was added but the Copper tools will be added much later! This was mostly for tweaking the mod.

Update 1.4 will be the next BIG update! With the addition of Copper tools as Tier 2 tools
(Moving iron to Tier 3).

Update Schedules!

Updates will be frequent some times and lacking sometimes too (It depends on my schedule and ideas)


Older Versions will be on MediaFire for download! See the mod description in Minecraft for details!

Need mistake finders!

I need people to find errors I made in the mod so I can optimize it for your enjoyment!

PrimiCraft Discussion!

Discuss what you think about PrimiCraft and its future as a mod!