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Published by KingBugz on Tue, 09/22/2020 - 04:10
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K̴̡̨͍̻̦̋́̀͊̋͂̅&̸͉͓͓̙̟̈̚Q̴̖̘̺̎̿̆ ̸̨̡͓͖̺̫̞̼̊̃̅͛H̸̰̱͍̞̥͙̬̠͆ā̷̛̮͓͚̐̽̏̅́͜͠p̵̧̨̜̠̼̬̄̒h̶͙̉̄͒́a̵͔̰̣̙̳͖̖͛z̶̧̧̛̗̟̏͊͊̀̔ā̸͎̑ŗ̵̗̺̣̟̳̉͊̀̃͊d̸͎͈̩͎͌̀̀͝


By KingBugz and QueenButtz

Official Beta Release Version 15.1.5 for Minecraft 1.14.4

            This is a very W.I.P. mod. There will be bugs, missing recipes, items that do nothing, and so forth. We have been developing this mod for about 2 years. Its not a massive amount of content considering the time it took, but we have 2 kids, and jobs.

We plan on continuing working on this mod until the end of time, There is countless possibilities when it comes to new content.

Please report and bugs to me and I will get on fixing them as soon as I have time.

This mod is kind of all over the place but with structure and reason....mostly, so....sorry about that.

I don't really have time to create an updated info page about this mod, I'm sorry for that. I really never expected this mod to grow so big, and I never expected to release it, this was just a fun little thing for us, and after soo much content and time put into it, it just seems greedy to not share it with the community.


What's in the mod?

We have Magic and Mana, Chaos abilities, Trinkets with a hotbar, Cultists, Altars, Creepy decorative blocks, Normal decorative blocks, New and powerful weapons, Wands, Giant bugs, New dimensions, New NPCs, New bosses, Many new items, New goals, Rewarding Items, New crafting stations, Upgradable armors and weapons, New enchantments, and much more! This mod has items just for building and new aspects to discover and explore. I'm really not quite sure what to say about the content other than chaotic focus, It truly is a haphazard!

One thing I can for sure say, is if you are a horror fan, this mod will do wonders for you! This mod seems to be weighing HEAVY on the horror theme. And I plan on continuing that, but not focusing on only that.

For updates to content that will be in the next release, please visit the forums page.



Updated to Version 15.8.7


Showcase and Fandom page

The Fandom page is very out of date but HERE it is!

The Showcase page I am keeping up to date HERE!



Please keep in mind that the file posted here is NOT THE MOD!

This file is merely a place holder to create this submission, the actual mod file is much to large(almost 100MB) and is instead posted via external link on the forum post.

You are more than welcome to download the place holder just to up the download counter, But I am not expecting anyone to do.

Modification files
KQHaphazard Download Link.zip - This will only redirect you to the forums page where the external link is, as the actual mod file is too large to upload here.527 bytes


Change log for Version 15.7.3
  • Added NPC Crawler
  • Added NPC Hung Climber
  • Added NPC Dragger
  • Added NPC Ghost
  • Added NPC Watching
  • Added Vase
  • Added Vase Room Structure
  • Added Grave Site Sctructure
  • Added Haunted Forest Biome
  • Added Conveyer Block
  • Added Perma Iron Ore
  • Added Perma Gold Ore
  • Added Perma Redstone Ore
  • Added Perma Diamond Ore
  • Added Metal Sheet Varients
  • Added Containment Block
  • Added Gold Lantern Recipes
  • Added Golden Frame
  • Added Hazard Gloves
  • Added Spirit Fragment
  • Added Spirit
  • Added Ectoplasm
  • Added Haunted Stone
  • Added Drained Eye
  • Added Haunting Enchantment
  • Added Scorch Enchantment
  • Added Chaos Enchantment
  • Added Creeper Totem
  • Added Skeleton Totem
  • Added Enderman Totem
  • Added Wither Totem
  • Added Ghost Totem
  • Added Carpenters Bench Recipe
  • Removed Unuesed Blocks from Tabs


Change log for Version 15.8.7

  • Added Chicken Totem
  • Added Ghost Banner
  • Added Wall of Skulls(8 Variations)
  • Cleaned up Procedures to greatly reduce lag

looks good!
what is the amount of mod elements in the most recent version ?

Looks awesome, you should consider writing a description even if it started as a private project because it has the potential of winning MOTW :)

Thank you! And yah I could whip up a description and link those here too

Wow, this mod looks great. One thing I had serious issues with though is performance. It looks like you are using tick events a lot and might even be blocking the main Minecraft thread, so I'm getting very low FPS in comparison to many other mods. You might want to reduce the usage of events like that or at least optimize them so that they do as little as possible when not really needed. Other than that, it's a really neat mod and absolutely massive, so I'm really looking forward to some performance improvements :D

Would you happen to know what type of ticks(like when player dies, or when item in inventory) cause the most lag? Because most of the content is tick dependant to have any effect

The more ticked events the more lag. It helps a lot if you do as little as possible each iteration. This can be achieved using some additional if statements that speed it up for most of the times, but make it slightly slower at times.