Published by Glectole on Sun, 06/09/2019 - 02:28
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This is my first mod so any feedback or criticism would be nice. (note: sorry about not having any good images about it next time I should have better images and all the custom textures in this are not very great as I am not a very good artist.)



Ruby, Sapphire, Citrine, Amethyst, Topaz, Tourmaline, Uranium, Silver Ingot, Lead Ingot, Copper Ingot Crystalized Torment, Tormented Soul, Corrupt Essence, Lead Nugget, Gun Ammo, Phaseblade Hilt, and The Abyss Eye



Ruby Beast, Sapphire Beast, Emerald Beast, Citrine Beast, Amethyst Beast, Topaz Beast, Tourmaline Beast, Diamond Beast, Ruby Cubik, Sapphire Cubik, Emerald Cubik, Citrine Cubik, Amethyst Cubik, Topaz Cubik, Tourmaline Cubik, Diamond Cubik, Stone Cubik, Iron Cubik, Gold Cubik, Remnant, and The Abyss Watcher.



Ruby Sword, Sapphire Sword, Emerald Sword, Citrine Sword, Amethyst Sword, Topaz Sword, Tourmaline Sword, Nether Quartz Sword, Silver Sword, Pistol, Rifle, Sniper Rifle, Copper Sword, Red Phaseblade, Blue Phaseblade, Green Phaseblade, Yellow Phaseblade, Purple Phaseblade, Orange Phaseblade, Pink Phaseblade, Light Blue Phaseblade, White Phaseblade, Black Phaseblade, Slime Sword, and The Abyss's Gaze.



Ruby Armor, Sapphire Armor, Emerald Armor, Citrine Armor, Amethyst Armor, Topaz Armor, Tourmaline Armor, Nether Quartz Armor, Uranium Armor, Silver Armor, Copper Armor,

Crystalized Torment Armor



Cursed Plains, and The Abyss's Curse ( The Abyss's Curse should be a dimension only.)



The Abyss

To create the key you need 4 Gold Ingots 4 Iron Ingots and a Diamond

The Diamond goes in the middle the Gold Ingots go into the corners and the Iron Ingots go into the remaining slots.


That should be all that it adds in please tell me if I missed something and what I should add in. Also please tell me of any mistakes to mispellings and of course the bugs and glitches would be nice to have reported.



Update #1 (some of this stuff was supposed to be in the release)



Ruby Shard,Sapphire Shard, Emerald Shard, Citrine Shard, Amethyst Shard, Topaz Shard, Diamond Shard, Tourmaline Shard, Silver Nugget, Copper Nugget, and Crystalized Torment Fragment


There are now cursed trees in the Cursed Plains.


Fixed the Gold Cubik Model (i hope)

Lowered spawn rates on some mobs.

Decreased health on Gold Cubik and Iron Cubik.

All Cubiks drop there respective shards or nuggets that they are made of instead of full ingots or gems.


Project status
In development
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Nice mod
PS: If you want to make better textures, recolor vanilla textures manually using Paint.net and they'll look a lot better than being automatically recolored by MCreator :)