Alternative Equipment Repair Station (A.E.R.S.)

Published by Kinyoshi on Sat, 07/25/2020 - 09:34
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Introducing a new way to repair your equipment with experience points and jewels. You can repair enchanted equipment, and both vanilla, and modded equipment.. With the A.E.R.S. you simply put the item to be repaired in the repair slot, and the gem in the other slot. The gem slot can take a small variety of items including emeralds, lapis lazuli and experience tokens you can get by having more that one experience level and click the "Store XP" button. You can eat the experience token to regain the XP.

You can craft your A.E.R.S using the recipe below, 1 red-stone block, 4 emeralds, and 4 stone blocks.

You need at least an iron pickaxe to pick up and move your A.E.R.S..




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I also have one idea. Wouldn't the block look more like a crafting table/furnace/whatever that looks like a block with a GUI? It would be cool.

Maybe... I might change it at some point, make the top look like the GUI,.. after a few more mods get made, and then I'll go through and start updating stuff..

I really didn't think too much on the looks on this one..