Pehkui Scaling & Attribute Procedures [NeoForge 1.20.4, Forge 1.20.1]

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A Plugin For Resizing & Editing Your Mobs 


Supports Versions: 1.20.1, 1.20.4


Ever wanted to resize your mobs? Change their step-height? Well with Pehkui Scaling & Attribute Procedures you can!



Begin by enabling Pehkui by navigating to the top right --> click workspace settings --> external API's

enable pehkui


--Editable Attributes--

You can currently edit the following attributes for mobs

Attributes LIst


--Procedure Overview--

To alter a specific mobs attribute, use the Event/Target Entity version of the scale block

Event Target Entity Attribute Editing



To alter the attributes of all entities of a given type (must be already spawned and rendered) use the following block

Apply to all entities


--Reset Attribute--

To reset an attribute of a mob, use the reset block and select your mob / use an Event Target.

Reset procedure blocks


--Randomize Attribute--

You can randomize attributes using the following procedure block, selecting the operation, entity type, and attribute type. Ensure you define a proper max and min value.

Attribute randomization




Change Log Version 1.0.1:

  • Switched from Having to Type Out the ModID and EntityID to Being Able to Select It Instead (THIS VERSION HAS A FEW BUGS IN IT)


Change Log Version 1.0.2:

  • Fixed Bugs With Certain Entities Not Scaling
  • Added Ability to Target Specific Instances of Entities
  • Changed Color of Scaling Blocks


Change Log Version 1.0.3:

  • 2024.1 Support


Change Log Version 1.0.4:

  • Added the following new attributes: attack, attack_speed, block_reach, defense, entity_reach, health, jump_height, knockback, model_height, model_width, hitbox_height, hitbox_width, step_height, view_bobbing
  • Added new multiply, divide, subtract, set, randomize, and reset blocks
  • Added support for Neoforge 1.20.4


Coming Soon

  1. Fabric Support and 1.19.4 support
All Rights Reserved

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(2023.4) Pehkui Scaler by MinoBanana - Pehkui_Scaler.zipUploaded on: 01/27/2024 - 04:01   File size: 4.84 KB
(2023.4) UPDATED VERSION 1.0.1 - Pehkui_Scaler.zipUploaded on: 02/02/2024 - 17:25   File size: 5.05 KB
(2023.4) UPDATED VERSION 1.0.2 - Many Bug Fixes + Target Specific Entities - Pehkui_Scaler_0.zipUploaded on: 02/05/2024 - 00:39   File size: 8.3 KB
(2024.1) - UPDATED VERSION 1.0.3 - Added Support for Mcreator 2024.1 - pehkui_1.0.3.zipUploaded on: 04/14/2024 - 13:18   File size: 8.35 KB
(2024.1) - UPDATED VERSION 1.0.4 - Added Support for Neoforge 2024.1 and New Attributes - pehkui_1.0.4.zipUploaded on: 05/29/2024 - 10:21   File size: 28.83 KB


i tried making a mob's size change upon spawning but it just keeps growing infinitely

Is there a way to change the width and height by the same, random value?
Some of my mobs look very deformed when I randomly create both values

can you create an similar plugin that adds the feature of increasing and decreasing the size of custom mobs, like mcreator had before? because its no longer possible to change mobs size.

I have a bug that prevents the mode from working. Here's what it says:

How do I make it reset, for example I'm using "add 1 REACH to event/target entity" and I want it only applied while the sword is being held, how do I make it, so it resets after being unequipped?

If you respond to this! Thank you :)