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About the plugin

Cloth Config API is a plugin adding a new mod element allowing you to create config screen and file.


The java plugins feature needs to be enabled as this is a java plugin.

Make sure you have enabled the Cloth Config API in External APIs.


There are two config templates where the description of each block is commented.


External APIs

Supported Versions:

Forge 1.19.2

Forge 1.19.4

Forge 1.20.1 -> MCreator 2023 and 2024

NeoForge 1.20.4



Config screenConfig Mod Elementusage




 -Added "sync config screen values" block to procedure

 -Changed the config loading event

 -Fixed entries being null



 -Added "call procedure" and "get return value of procedure"  to config element

 -Fixed "set value" block doesn't change the value immediately



 -Added set config value in procedure

 -Changed the color of some blocks

 -Fixed some bugs



 -Support for MCreator 2024.1

 -Support for NeoForge 1.20.4



 -Initial release

MIT License

Plugin downloads
Cloth Config API-1.0 | MCreator 2023.1 2023.2 2023.3 2023.4 - Cloth-Config-API_3.zipUploaded on: 04/15/2024 - 19:49   File size: 99.71 KB
Cloth Config API-1.4 | MCreator 2024.1 - Cloth-Config-API-v1.4_0.zipUploaded on: 05/02/2024 - 17:03   File size: 83.98 KB


It seems mods created with this plugging can't be used in dedicated servers cuz cloth config it's only client side

[11jun.2024 15:38:17.608] [Server thread/ERROR] []: Couldn't place player in world
java.lang.RuntimeException: Attempted to load class me/shedaniel/clothconfig2/gui/entries/StringListEntry for invalid dist DEDICATED_SERVER

Hello, this works to dedicated servers? I'm using dedicated server to test multiplayer and I'm getting invalid player data error

Plugin for version 2024.1 is broken, cannot get the "get global" procedure.

I'm in the 2023.4 and I cant edit the config in mcreator after save it

Is there a way how I can change bolean variables with a procedure? So not only via the ingame menu but also via a procedure?

That plugin is pretty much interesting, but I see no way to interact with the boolean values. Actually i have an overlay that I want an menu option to show or hide it. How can I interact with the boolean? Where's the procedure? How do I check "If Bolean = true/false"?

Unless I'm missing something, I see no way to add any variables. The right side (in workspace) isn't there where I'd normally add them, so nothing would work right without it. Even the two config templates don't compile either. The above says to enable Cloth Config which I did, but seems there are two of them (cloth-config and Cloth Config). Tried cloth-config, then with Cloth Config and then without cloth-config and still had same issues. - Trying 1.20.4 NeoForge in case that matters.

Thank you for letting me know, the variables must be global, that's why there is nothing to add variables on the right side, about the API, I checked and it was only a Cloth Config API and I didn't see cloth-config, and for the colors as soon as possible I will change them

Thanks for the detail - Global variables are now showing up. :-) Still having a bit of issues with categories being valid. The two templates don't work. Do you have a live example of one? I think that would help greatly to show screenshots of something that works.

In the category block, there is a field in the first line, which is the name of the category variable, for example, in the above photos, in the second photo, general is the category variable.

to be clear, I created a global variable for general and without knowing exactly what type of variable, it won't work. I went thru the obvious ones, bu no luck. If you created variables for your two examples, could you please post them so we know what they are? :-)