Minecraft Forge 1.12.2 mods generator

Published by Klemen on Sun, 07/26/2020 - 13:50
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EAP 2021.1.12313
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Minecraft 1.12.2 generator
About the plugin

Although we no longer support or encourage the use of 1.12.2, we still want you to update to newer versions. Most of the new features are not supported in it, though, but feel free to open pull requests.

This generator only works on MCreator 2021.1


You are welcome to support this project by opening pull requests. Before we can use your code, you must sign the MCreator CLA, which you can do online. The CLA is necessary mainly because you own the copyright to your changes, even after your contribution becomes part of our codebase, so we need your permission to use and distribute your code. We also need to be sure of various other things—for instance, that you'll tell us if you know that your code infringes on other people's patents. You don't have to sign the CLA until after you've submitted your code for review and we approved it, but you must do it before we can put your code into our codebase.

WARNING: Minecraft 1.12.2 is no longer supported by MCreator (Pylo). This repository here is only for reference purposes and for community use. It is not officially supported.



  • Updated Minecraft Forge 1.12.2 to the latest recommended version
  • [Bugfix] Gradle failed to setup on new computers


  • Updated generator for MCreator 2021.1
  • Added support for compound bounding boxes
  • [Bugfix] Tag names of old workspaces were lowercased when they should be not


  • Updated generator for MCreator 2020.5 release
  • [Bugfix] Return procedures did not work


  • Updated generator for MCreator 2020.5 1st snapshot
  • Fixed #10 (Slab recipes did not work)
  • Added support for new GUI editor
  • Added support for sound subtitles
  • Added support for multi-sound selection
  • Fixed some UI bugs (backported from 2020.5)


  • Overlays did not work properly
  • Added "get max entity health" procedure block support [#8]


  • Custom items can now use tool-like rendering support [#5]
  • Added entity width, height, getters procedure blocks support [#5]
  • Added custom block item texture support [#6]


  • Updated generator for MCreator 2020.4.28114
  • Added support for condition system to block and entity particles and overlays


  • Updated generator for MCreator 2020.4


  • #2 Ported some 2020.3 features into 1.12.2 generator:
  • Added support for itemstack variables
  • Added support for itemstack size procedure blocks
  • Added support for "Is item enchanted" and "Is item enchantable" procedure blocks
  • Itemstack procedure blocks should now work with custom dependencies
  • Added support for "Get ridden entity" procedure block
  • Entity procedure blocks now work with custom dependencies
  • Added support for "Block offset type" and "AI path node type" for blocks and plants
  • Added support for "Get light level" and "Get block hardness" procedure blocks
  • #3 Better macOS support


  • #0 Updated generator to support 2020.3
  • #1 - Bugfix [Entity Get Display Name]


  • #1 - Bugfix [Entity Get Display Name]
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Hi. can you make this plugin work with the new variables (PLAYER_LIFETIME) and (PLAYER_PERSITANT). i make some mods with DTM Attribute Plugins and for that i need those variables option.

I hate to be a pain Klemen, but the Food Item Result doesn't work with the 1.12.2 generator :(, it just consumes the food and doesn't drop the Result item. :(

That is completely normal. 1.12.2 does not receive new features as noted in the description. It is a deprecated generator. On the other hand, it is open-source, so someone willing this feature can open a PR ;)

I feel like I am repeating myself, but I will say it again, I can't maintain myself generators for all the possible versions, even two are a struggle.