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Published by Goldorion on Thu, 08/20/2020 - 21:18
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You can create, manage and delete lists into your procedures. You need to have a list of your favorite names for pigs, you can make it!


You can have a small preview of blocks or things you can do in the following picture.

An example

Important Information

  • This plugin supports Forge 1.16.5, 1.18.2 and Fabric 1.19.2
  • Icon by Tobi-Wan#0482


To see a complete changelog of the plugin, check this file.


* [Bugfix #8] Index parameters could cause problems in some cases


* Added support for Fabric 1.19.2
* Removed support for Forge and Fabric 1.17.1
* Improved the code
* [#6] Added support for Simplified Chinese translations
* [Bugfix #7] Global variables could not be used.


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Apache License version 2.0

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No the way the current plugin system does not support custom variable types. However, it will change in 2021.2, but it will still only support local variables. I will continue the plugin only when the first snapshot containing this Pull request (I made). I will try after (when the PR will be merged) to change the system of the global variables to support them in plugins.

Well, that's sad. Perhaps I have already bored you with my questions and I am not good at Java, but I am really interested in this topic. I still have a question: is it possible to implement the .split() function in this plugin? if custom global variables are not available, why not turn ArrayList into a string and expand it back?

Where are the arraylist blocks i already got the zip downloaded and put in mcreator but the arraylist blocks are just not there

i really hope you will update this to 2021.1 ... i need this so bad..

um... So about the array list... Is it for just an element or is it for the whole mod to use one arraylist?