Chunk Manager

Published by Goldorion on Sun, 09/05/2021 - 06:17
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Chunk Manager
About the plugin

Chunk Manager is a plugin adding a new variable type and new procedure blocks related to chunks. With this plugin, you can get values of a chunk and set their properties!


  • A new Chunk variable (Local + Global session)
  • Force chunk to load
  • Get chunk at x y z
  • Get the start x/z of chunk
  • Get the end x/z of chunk
  • Get the region x/z of chunk
  • Get the region relative x/z of chunk
  • Get the inhabited time of chunk
  • Is chunk modified

Important Information

  • This plugin supports Forge 1.15.2, Forge 1.16.5 and Fabric 1.16.5.

Licensed under the MIT License

  • Appropriate credit must be provided to the creators and maintainers of this software.
  • Under no circumstances can you state that modified works are endorsed by the original creators.
MIT License
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