Better crafting recipes (1.17 and higher, all generator types)

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EAP 2022.4.52117
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Since 1.17 support, the generated mod code looks much more similar to the manually written ones... everywhere except crafting recipes.
They still look machine-generated unlike the rest of the mod. Despite they don't have the highest priority speaking of code optimizations, I think there might be some users that want their recipes to be similar to vanilla's.

If you are one of them, then this plugin is made especially for you.
The plugin supports all generator types that support recipe mod element from version 1.17 up to the one specified at the downloads section. When installed, it is designed to automatically change crafting recipes from other generators so that same ingredients share the same recipe pattern key instead of each having its own one (also digits are changed to uppercase letters or commonly used symbols if possible). A side effect is support for up to 64 different recipe ingredients (instead of 10 without this plugin).

If you discover a bug, tell about it in comments. I'll be glad to fix it in the following release.

P. S. The plugin is assigned to GNU General Public License v3 because the templates code provided originates from official MCreator generators templates.

GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
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can you use this to make a crafting machine crafting recipe template for MCreator to let you edit your recipes in the recipe editor that MCreator already has built in?

You gave me an idea. I will make that possible in the next update (likely when we'll start working on 1.18, maybe earlier). Just keep in mind that crafting ingredients can be assigned to one of uppercase Latin letters, decimal digits or '#' sign, so even in such cases you won't be able to use more than 37 different types of items in those recipes.

I can't modify built-in MCreator functionality using a plugin (yet?), this one only changes files generated. The only thing about custom recipe types/custom crafting tables/whatever... in this plugin (I also meant it when saying "will make that possible") is that it should work with up to 6x6 crafting grids (in case you can make those).

Got it! I am currently planning a HUGE mod for 1.18.2 adding 20+ dimensions, 200+ tools/armor sets, thousands of new blocks and items, and insanely OP gear that you can get by spending hundreds of hours in your world. The goal is to make Day 1000 as enjoyable as Day 1. I fully expect it to take months to develop, but it should definitely win MOTW, perhaps even MOTY (Mod of the Year)!

You download the file and open MCreator. Then when you press preferences you should see on the left, a button that says 'Manage Plugins'. Press that and press 'Open Plugins Folder'. To that folder, add the downloaded plugin and close the folder. Relaunch MCreator and go to 'Preferences' and 'Manage Plugins'. You should see your plugin there. Now when you open your workspace you will have the plugin installed. This will work for any plugin. Hope this help! :)

Of course I know how to install the plugin, but I don't know how to use it <(' ._.)
I saw the example from the comments, but I don't know where to get the template 'A'
Sorry for the English grammar as my mother language was not English w

This plugin is designed to automatically override crafting recipe templates from other generators when installed, you don't have to do anything specific. Just (re)create a crafting recipe and you'll see the difference in its code (

Because no other templates are improved for that version. This plugin was initially intended to be part of the Forge 1.17.1 generator that changed style of generated mod code, that's why I don't plan to offer support for older versions.

Can you maybe do a video tutorial or something bc the comment that to linked below has been erased