Player Animator [Forge 1.18.2, 1.19.2, 1.19.4]

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Player Animator
About the plugin

Player Animator is a plugin that allows you to animate the player model using smooth keyframe (json) animations created with blockbench, blender or even by hand. This is done though the help of the playerAnimator library.


Example of a player animation:


animation example

flip animation


How to use:


First, you will need to use blockbench, animate a template player model and extract the .json animation. The animation in the first example is made with blender, but you can use the geckolib plugin in blockbench like I did to make the second example.

Now that you have the animation file, it will need to be placed here:

file location

Once you have placed your animation in the correct folder, you need to make an empty procedure and select the event shown below. The procedure does not need any further inspection.



Now, you are ready to use your animations! All you will need to do is include the procedure block provided by the plugin (and have the playerAnimator library enabled in workspace settings).

procedure block

Potential issues when using the plugin:

"I can't get the animation parts to work correctly!" -You can find the official bbmodel here

"The game keeps crashing when I try use the animation!" -You either didn't place the file in the right place, or you renamed the animation after exporting it. Don't do that.

"I'm getting a build error!" -You didn't name the SetupAnimations procedure correctly, or your use of the procedure block was simply not accounted for.

"The animation won't play!" -None of the entities in your event are players, therefore it has nothing to play for.

MIT License


No, the library is made exclusively for players. There is a tutorial forum post you can find that explains how you can manually use geckolib in your workspace, which is what you need for animated entities.