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Metadata Editor allows for the modification of entity metadata or the retrieval of its values. This enables you not only to edit values you usually couldn't but also to access data that other mods provide.


How do you view Metadata?

Metadata can be viewed by using the data command in minecraft. Here is an example of that.


Using this plugin, these values can be changed.

list single
set set2

These procedures can be found in the category Metadata Editor


Currently only entities are supported, but more is to come in the future!

MIT License

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can you get data from a list which is also in a list? like {ForgeCaps:{"dragonsurvival:playerstatehandler":{IsFlying:1b}}}

So if I wanted to change attributes, like max health of the entity, would I use "Attributes" as the name of the list and the name of the attribute as the entry?

No, those are inside a different type of entry since they use [{, lists only use one {, for example ForgeData{tagName: "A", tagName2: "A"}. There is different code or commands that you can use to modify attributes.

Submitted by Faruk Arda on Sat, 01/14/2023 - 02:08 Permalink

What can you actually do with this

I know you are doing a very great effort, I am really thankful to you, but I hope you will make it support 1.16.5 in the next update, I desperately need it.