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MCreator plugins are extensions adding additional functionality to MCreator such as new generator types, new procedure blocks, AI tasks, support for APIs, and much more.

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Geometrical Templates Pack

Posted by elisei121, last updated 3 weeks ago
This pack contains 1034 awesome textures free to use.   === How to install ===      Video Tutorial Here      Download the "Download" file and put the texures into the C:\Users\<your username>\.mcreator\templates\textures\texturemaker. then restart the mcreator and it should work…

Tags: Templates  Comments: 17
Supported MCreator versions: 2022.2, 2022.1, 2021.3, 2021.2, 2020.5, 2020.4, 2020.3, 2020.2

ShadowsAPIs (12 APIs)

Posted by MissLexyShaodws, last updated 4 weeks ago
This Plugin adds API support in to MCreator 2022.1 & up, over time I will update & add more.   WARNING:     Do not enable every API this will slow down the building of your mod/client and could make your game unstable or even crash, not all API's play well with each other so your…

Tags: API support  Comments: 57
Supported MCreator versions: 2022.1

Chunk Manager

Posted by Goldorion, last updated 1 month ago
Chunk Manager is a plugin adding a new variable type and new procedure blocks related to chunks. With this plugin, you can get values of a chunk and set their properties! Features A new Chunk variable (Local + Global session) Force chunk to load Get chunk at x y z Get the start x/z of…

Tags: Procedures, Variables  Comments: 13
Supported MCreator versions: 2022.1, 2022.2

Better crafting recipes (1.17 and higher)

Posted by Defeatomizer, last updated 1 month ago
Since 1.17 support, the generated mod code looks much more similar to the manually written ones... everywhere except crafting recipes. They still look machine-generated unlike the rest of the mod. Despite they don't have the highest priority speaking of code optimizations, I think there…

Tags: Templates  Comments: 26
Supported MCreator versions: 2021.3, 2022.1, 2022.2

Plugin Maker

Posted by Goldorion, last updated 1 month ago
This MCreator plugin adds several new mod elements and a new generator to allow the creation of MCreator plugins inside MCreator. It currently supports custom Blockly categories, Global triggers and basic Blockly blocks for procedures.   (This is a far better plugin than the software I…

Tags: Generator  Comments: 7
Supported MCreator versions: 2022.2

Lego245's Themes

Posted by yusuf_abdullah, last updated 1 month ago
Lego245's Themes is a small Plugin that added UI themes to Mcreator that i created. I am willing to include other people's themes and you can suggest ideas to me on Discord.    the Plugin will only work for Mcreator 2021.2 +   Green Matrix Display this theme is based on the default dark…

Tags: Themes  Comments: 3
Supported MCreator versions: 2021.2, 2021.3, 2022.1, 2022.2

Freezing Procedures

Posted by Alm, last updated 2 months ago
About This plugin adds two new procedure blocks implementing the new "freezing" feature that was added in 1.17. Therefore it only works with Forge 1.17.1 and 1.18.2. 1.16.5 is not supported sadly.   Conditional "Is (entity) freezing". This procedure block allows you to check if a…

Tags: Procedures  Comments: 7
Supported MCreator versions: 2022.1, EAP 2022.2.25609

Entity ID & UUID Procedures

Posted by Alm, last updated 2 months ago
About This plugin adds two new procedure blocks that allow to get an entity's namespaced ID and Universal Unique Identifier (UUID). This can be useful to get an entity to use in commands, or use other mod's entities without having it as dependency. The UUID can also work for player-…

Tags: Procedures  Comments: 6
Supported MCreator versions: 2022.1, EAP 2022.2.25609

Addional Triggers

Posted by Azzier, last updated 2 months ago
Small plugin adding some FORGE global trigger(s) Current Triggers Anvil Repair Player stops using bow item Player starts using bow item Game sets levels in the enchanting table, trigger executed once for each row Player's gamemode is changed Player cloned Explanation: player dies and gets…

Tags: Global triggers, Procedures  Comments: 23
Supported MCreator versions: 2022.1

All Mods

Posted by Tarantel, last updated 3 months ago
All Mods adding support to use compiled Mods inside your MCreator Devclient. Currently supported MC Versions: 1.16.5, 1.17.1, 1.18.1, 1.18.2. Drop the Plugin inside your plugins folder of your MCreator Installation. Open MCreator and start your Workspace. Go to Workspace/Workspace…

Tags: Mod support  Comments: 34
Supported MCreator versions: 2022.1

Push (Single Player)

Posted by MissLexyShaodws, last updated 3 months ago
This plugin is just a simple plugin to add the option to check for Alt, Ctrl, Shift or all three are down.   Known limitations: Screen is apart of the GUI class what servers don't have so you would have to do a client side only check and send the information to the server, and servers…

Tags: Procedures  Comments: 30
Supported MCreator versions: 2020.5, 2021.2, 2021.3, 2022.1


Posted by 2231puppy, last updated 4 months ago
This is a basic plugin that allows for HTTP GET requests. It is still under development, so expect more features soon!

Tags: API support  Comments: 20
Supported MCreator versions: EAP 2021.1.12313, 2021.1, 2022.1