Should be able to edit things after you add them and delete one thing at a time

Published by FlashFyre on Mon, 02/26/2018 - 17:54
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Issue description

Now, here is a re-ocurring way that MCreator works which has been bugging (no pun intended) me and probably lots of other people for a long time.

Look at events, adding mobs to biomes, adding ai tasks to mobs, and schematics to custom dimensions - you cant edit them once you press "add". I found schematics in custom dimensions was quite enfuriating because if you made one spawn too commonly you'd have to clear the ENTIRE list just to re-do it. 

So, 2 things in one really:
- Make it so you can edit these things after you have added them, or more importantly
- Make it so you don't have to clear EVERYTHING but can delete different components individually

Thanks, this would honestly make all of our lives so much better!

Issue comments

This is one of the goals of MCreator 2 so I will keep this issue open to track the progress regarding this issue.

I want to try and wait out until MCreator 2 arrives before I go ahead and start making mob ai's and stuff just because of this problem. I'm thinking to just work on everything that works for me right now and then as MCreator updates, I will see if I can start adding a new type of element. (Gun, Biome, Dimension, Mob, etc.)

Still to make editable:

  • Editing entity, item and block lists (not just clearing them)
  • GUI and overlay element properties

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