Please new event for mob (on kill entity)

Published by Hakann on Fri, 03/09/2018 - 09:49
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Issue description

Please new event for mob (on kill entity)

This event is present in mcreator 1.7.3 (as a bug of "when mob attacks"event).

I want this event to be added to mcreator 1.7.9 This is an important event!


        public void onKillEntity(EntityLivingBase entityLivingBase) {
            int i = (int) this.posX;
            int j = (int) this.posY;
            int k = (int) this.posZ;
            Entity entity = this;


P.s. Do not confuse the "on kill entity" event with the "when mob attacks" event

Issue comments

This will be implemented in next update, alongside with the bug you reported with swapped mob events.

These new mob events will be added: 

when this mob kills another one, mob tick update, when player collides this mob

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