Custom JSON model texture selection bug

Published by _chuchu_ on Fri, 03/09/2018 - 14:21
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Issue description

Mcreator and all devs,

You're really amazing. But this issue is just..Really annoying for absolutely everyone and It's in all versions.

I'm going to explain the issue :


When you want to put a Json 3D Models on whatever accept a Json models,If you have multiple textures on it,

Mcreator apply in their Json Model file only 1 texture on everything.

And the only way to fix that is to edit the Json file of the model in Pylo directory of your workspace.

Problem is that this fix reset to 0 when you edit the element.

It's really annoying for everyone using lot of 3D Models and that issue is very old.

model_custom.json,totally fine with everything 

Img :

but the model.json with all textures,all are the SAME

Img :

Issue comments

Simply create a model with two different textures and you can test.

I have managed to reproduce the issue. I will try to fix this in 1.7.9. Thank you for the bug report and for the provided example!

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