Rename 'Gun' mod element to Projectile or similar

Published by ZoomMod on Mon, 03/12/2018 - 16:17
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Issue description

Change name of "Gun" mod element type to Projectile or similar. The only reason I ask is this tool is amazing and is being used in camps and schools. That element being named Gun could block its use.

Issue comments

Such name would be a mismatch as it is not only a projectile but also a tool to launch it. We could name it a weapon but this would clash with the tool as the tool is also used for a sword.

Nice suggestion though so if anyone has a better name idea, we could rename it.

We have decided to call it ranged item. The next best match would be ranged weapon, but in fact, the gun could be used for other ranged purposes too, so now it is called ranged item.