Bug with WaterMob/WaterCreature Mobs

Issue description

Hello dear MCreator Developers. I think i found a bug, well, actually two, tho one was fixed...


When i had 1.7.4 as MCreator version (Which was like...not even a week ago but ok), When i selected BOTH WaterMob AND WaterCreature as the mobs type and behavior, it didn't even breathe underwater. Now i updated to 1.7.8 and this bug is completely corrected, tho another one appeared: Mobs with WaterMob and WaterCreature (Practically water mobs) don't spawn when selecting as the biome to spawn them in "Ocean" or "Deep_Ocean". I even tried putting 140 as their spawn probability, but they just didn't spawn. I hope you will be able to fix it, maybe in MCreator 2.

Issue comments

Thank you for the bug report. Did you try setting the type of mob to a normal one? Does mob spawn in such case in water biomes?

Ok so, i checked and apparently a strange thing happened.

Mobs didn't spawn even when the "Creature" Mob Type and Behavior are chosen. Tho the game strangely counted a beach near the ocean i found as actual Ocean and the "acquatic" mob spawned there, not in the actual water.

Well, the water mob i used to "test" this previously had 70 as spawn rate and still didn't spawn. As for minecraft, i use the test environment version that is incorporated to MCreator, and being most mobs "Creatures" as their types, i never changed the settings for difficulty or anything.

May i ask how the "tests" go? I wanna know if the bug happens only to me or not. Actually, i'll try making another mob like the previous and see.

The reason you had this problem is, mcreator doesn't spawn mobs in water because it's not a "block" you can see the mob on the beach because the edge of the beach could still be considered an ocean biome, but there are blocks there, so that is where they spawn.

my water mobs are spawning but they swim very slow and i cant figger it out how to make them go faster (i already tried change the mob regular speed, the swimming goal and no luck, i guess its somewhere on its movement code but i dont know where

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