Bigger structure size limit

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Issue description

i had an idea maybe add  a feature that makes it posible to split up your structure something like a split-up button or automatic

because i think that would help a lot of people 


it is just an idea     have a nice day :)

Issue comments

We will change the structure system in future updates that will eliminate the limit totally.

the armor system jn 1.7.9 is broken I can't add potion effects in the menu, please change this, I'm making a superhero mod and because I can't add potion effects I will have to stay with 1.7.8

You can add potion effects just like you did before. Create a new procedure with add potion block and link procedure to armor tick update. And this does not belong here. Please post in proper places to avoid account suspension.

Sorry, but I think 1.7.8 was much simple with recipes and armor ticks, now it takes a whole extra step, please change it to be simpler again, I also have a suggestion can you make it to where we can import custom armor models or an option to make it biped or not, that way it isnt so big, I will not longer comment or post here - Superrcrazygamer

MCreator 1.8.0 will support any size of the structure so I am closing this ticket.