"On item use tick" doesn't work

Published by StrawS on Sat, 06/09/2018 - 16:24
Issue description

On 1.7.9, attaching a procedure to it does not work. Whenever trying to hold the item it will not initiate the procedure

On the wiki it says: "When item in use tick Event happens each tick when the player holds the item.".

I've tested older 1.12.2 verions before the procedure system, like 1.7.8 and it does not work either.

Please fix it or offer a solution, this event is imperative to my mod. Thank you.

Issue comments

Thank you for the bug report. We will fix this bug in 1.8.0.

For now, you can use When item in inventory tick and use the condition in the procedure to check if the current item in player hand is the item you are attaching the event to.

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