Retain Workspace folders when switching

Published by smmmadden on Mon, 06/11/2018 - 11:33
Issue description

While I'm working on multiple mods concurrently, I'm seeing that we only have one workspace (folder) so when I switch all my files are removed and no longer accessible.  This makes it more difficult to refer to portions of other mods when there are dependencies between them or just sticking with similar naming conventions.

Suggestion for improvement is to:

  • not delete the folders for each workspace
  • create the folder structure based on each workspace so the projects are self-contained
  • we don't have to wait for the files to be deleted during a switch,
  • we don't have to replace the workspace with the next workspace files and,
  • we are able to switch workspaces more quickly in the process.  



Issue comments

Check the page

Workspaces won't be stored inside installation directory but inside any folder selected by the user

We plan to support this in MCreator 2.x.x where you will be able to specify the workspace folder anywhere on your computer and move it freely between versions and computers.

Is there a fix for this?? I can't seem to find it, and I had a really big mod in the works but now I can't access it.

I believe it is stored in the .mod files and extracted again when you switch workspaces.  At least that has worked reliably for me.

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