Cant Create A Fly on and off variable or Track item in inventory slot

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Issue description

so my goal is to create a flying chestplate/armor piece ive accomplished to create the flying procedure and so forth the problem is it is detected when in use of the armor slot but after the armor is off or breaks i can still fly regardless. my end goal is to make something i can wear, activates flying ability weather naturally or by keybind, and for it to be able to be registered as a on or off the player body/ in use or not in use. if this is already implemented and is just the ignorance of my knowledge of the advanced features please let me know for i have no problem with learning.thanks! Ps - also theres also not a feature for friendly mob tracking like a dog or cat with a sit or stay mechanism if this could be implemented or taught it would be much appreciated!

Issue comments

The best way to create flying armor is to use add potion effect event and use flying potion with duration with 1 tick, so each tick of having an armor on, a new potion is added.