Fluid Features

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Issue description

I was making a tutorial for YouTube on MCreator fluids and I thought: why I can't add a custom texture and a custom name to the bucket? Maybe I want that the fluid spawn not from a bucket but from something else like a bottle or a magic Item.

So, my feature request is the possibility to change texture and name of the bucket for the Fluid Mod.

Thanks for reading.

P.s. Another feature can be the possibility of disable the bucket for the modded fluid.

Issue comments

Changing bucket texture is not possible with Minecraft Forge. At least not with the default bucket system.

We will add an option to disable default fluid bucket so users can create their own bucket implementations with procedures.

As promised, in MCreator 1.8.0, it will be possible to disable default bucket to make it possible to develop custom bucket solutions or to not have a bucket for a custom fluid at all.

There will be another checkbox in the fluid creation menu to disable the bucket.

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