Bow Shoots Constantly on Right Click even after not holding right click

Published by NaiduBoys on Thu, 07/05/2018 - 05:38
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Issue description

When creating a ranged item and enabling shoot on right click the bow sometimes keeps shooting rapidly even when you aren't holding right click. When i was testing my mod I also found that when this problem occurred if changed items it still kept shooting arrows. Eventually I just quit and reloaded minecraft but when I tried again the bow was fine until i started shooting again.

Issue comments

I can confirm this can happen. Thank you for opening a ticket on this bug. We will fix this bug in upcoming versions.

Can you also fix custom bows without the shoot constantly on right-click option? The bow shoots the bullet when starting to right-click, not after holding, so holding right-click is totally useless :(

even when I don't check shoot constantly on right click, my ranged weapon still shot constantly when I right clicked, but only when I was in survival. How do I make this stop?