Compatibility with JEI (Custom Crafting/Creation Procceedures)

Published by NaiduBoys on Tue, 07/10/2018 - 11:20
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Issue description

So basically what this request is about is to have custom crafting/ creation things to be compatible with JEI

For example when I created an item which could only be created using my custom crafting block. I realised that when playing the game and using JEI it didn’t show any way to created meaning if someone was playing my mod and they couldn’t be bothered searching up the recipe or the creator of the mod didn’t put up how to obtain it it would be a bit of problem. This also applies to people who solely use JEI to find out how to get items.

Issue comments

It could be settings of JEI or a bug with JEI. We register recipes as any other mod does, so this is definitely a bug on our side. Try contacting JEI developers so they can check what is causing this. We tested MCreator with JEI in the past and it worked, so there could be a regression in one of their updates that removed the compatibility.

I don't think this is a bug. JEI is compatible with regular crafting table and furnace recipes, not custom ones. For adding compatibility you should code

To be honest, I don't have any source. :(

It just seems that without some integration, JEI only reads regular crafting, smelting, brewing and anvil recipes. There are lots of non-mcreator mods that add custom crafting blocks and JEI doesn't read their recipes, and some mods conpatible with JEI say "there is also JEI integration", that means that JEI doesn't automatically check for every gui with input and output slots. There are even addon mods for making some mods compatible with JEI. I just think that you should code a dependency (or something similar) to make a custom recipe compatible with JEI.

I can't code, so most of the things I said here are based on my experience when using JEI with different mods.

Sorry for bad English

Raol, thank you very much for the research you have done. Based on the wiki, JEI needs to be loaded as a dependency in the mod to make this work. This raises license problems and required many changes to MCreator. I was hoping for some kind of API that would not require JEI to actually be loaded.

Right now, we only plan to add support for APIs from Minecraft Forge such as energy system, as these do not require additional libraries and dependencies. Support for external libraries might be added in the future (including JEI based on the implementation they have), but not soon yet.

Yeah, it would be cool if someone could make a tutorial to explain how we can make JEI and MCreator working together with custom recipies that aren't crafting table or furnaces!

Hi, just some light on this topic, if you use procedures for custom crafting blocks then you cant add support without doing some coding. The reason for this is because it checks for vanilla crafting stations not modded ones. Mcreator only supports adding custom crafting to vanilla blocks but when you create a custom block with a custom procedure it not gonna work.

as my current solution to this problem, ive created a guildebook for the mod that has all the recipes in photo form.

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