GUI crashes when shift left clicking on empty slot

Issue description

I've created a GUI, shift left clicking on items works fine, and plain left clicking works too, but whenever I shift left click on an empty slot the game crashes (shutting internal server, game closes). I tried creating a new workspace, I created a block with inventory, a default GUI (only with inherited from block inventory) and a procedure to open the GUI right clicking the block. Still, no luck, it kept crashing. 

I've sent the workspace, the crash report and mcreator's console log. And if it's not a bug I'd really like to know how to solve it.


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The workspace I created with everything on default.2.67 KB 2.67 KB
Minecraft's crash report3.65 KB 3.65 KB
MCreator's console log7.48 KB 7.48 KB

Issue comments

I can confirm this bug. Thank you for the bug report.

We will do our best to fix this bug as soon as possible.