Crash with Shift Clic in a Custom Gui

Published by Goldorion on Fri, 07/27/2018 - 18:11
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I still found a bug, really annoying (I have known for a long time (at least Mcreator 1.7.6 I think, and it has never been resolved).

I will explain it in detail even if I already, I think everything says in the title.
The bug is as follows:

I created a mistletoe in MCreator. I apply it to a block through a procedure and everything. I then launch the game (the real Minecraft, or the one of development), I will take my block which has the Mistletoe. i will then take random blocks / items and i will shift click on objects in order to put them in the mistletoe more quickly. That's where the bug comes in. I do not know why, but the game will often crash (it will crash and close). It does not always crash, but I often have to restart my game, because I have the game that crashed / crashed, because I wanted shift click to put objects in a box (in a small craft table by example).

I will explain with an example. For my example, I'm going to take a craft table that I created.

1. I created the block as a normal block.
2. I will create the procedure to make the block a craft table. I put new crafts, like two obsidians for a bedrock block.
3. I will create Mist so that the procedure works. I also put the procedure in the button in order to be able to craft the object.
4. I will create a new procedure to open the Mistletoe when I am right on the block.
5. I will integrate the procedure of opening Mistletoe in the block I created rather. I put the procedure in the event of right click on the block.
6. I go to the block section for Mistletoe. I'll put the right number of boxes (I put 3, for example, because I have two boxes of crafts, and another box to repack the object crafter). I then finish putting the options I want, and I finish making the block.
7. I will then wait for the software to finish recording everything and complete what it does.
8. As soon as I see the Succesfull Build in green, I launch the game to see if I have done the block correctly, and to see the bugs.
9. After the game (Minecraft in development version or just in the real game of Minecraft), I will create a new part to be sure that I am correct.
10. I'm going to take my new craft table, I'll take obsidian to see if I've done the crafting procedure properly. For the sake of example I will say that I want it to be two blocks of obsidian (an obsidian in each box).
11. I'm going to click obsidian in order to have several obsisidian stacks in my inventory.
12. I put my craft table on the floor, and I right click to open it. until then, I am correct.
13. I'm going to position my cursor on one of the two obsidian stacks (because I want to craft several bedrocks in a row, to see if I can do it.). there, as soon as I'm going to do SHIFT and LEFT CLICK (in order to be able to put in one blow my obsidian stack in a box), I'll have my game that will freeze for a second, and I see it close because he just crashed.

That's it, I just finished explaining the bug in detail and how it works, and I just want to clarify, that it does for EVERY GUI that we create with MCreator, and I even think the basic Gui in Minecraft.
I also want to say again, that I just ALWAYS this bug for each of the mods that I do with GUI, and this since more than 4 or 5 versions (I speak of the 1.7.5-1.7.6 (I do not know, I discovered it in the version, but it surely date since the creation of GUIs), until today, so the 1.7.9.

So I would like this bug to be a major priority for you, because I would like to have a new version (I'm talking about the 1.8.0 of Mcreator) without this bug, which I HATE.


PS: I would just like to ask you that we can give bugs, ask for new features, and ask for help from the support (I just talk about in the tracker iussues), MUCH MORE OFTEN, because I find a lot of bugs I have many ideas that I want you to add. I also find that just one request a day is really not enough. I would like at least that, that I can make 2-3 request a day, so an all 8-12 hours minimum. I just want at least one more request a day maybe. I just do not think it's very much and enough. It's not like if you had 18,000 requests a day (I'll understand if that's it), but here you have just not even two-three requests a day (and I'm just talking about the maximum).



Issue comments

Please, specify the version of the MCreator on the ticket. Check the changelog please, this was fixed in 1.7.9. MCreator still crashes if you shift-click on empty slot even in 1.7.9, this will be fixed in 1.8.0.

One of the reasons for the limit is your ticket, as people don't do any research before opening a ticket and we would be flooded with such tickets in that case.

We are also a very small team with limited resources, thus the limit, so the tracker does not get overwhelmed.

After you specify the latest version you have tested to have this bug, we can discuss further.

And I just see that this bug is resolve in the 1.8 version. And I have a question. When do you plan to release 1.8?

Crash on shift-clicking to transfer stack on an empty slot and crash on shift-clicking to transfert stack.

ok, i just checked, and i was wrong. I thought I could crash the game, but finally name. And I can not give you my workspace, because I have more than 8Mb.

host it through dropbox and create a public download link, then PM it to the developer

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