Bug with item ID

Published by Goldorion on Sun, 07/29/2018 - 20:15
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I just wanted to say that I can not give a player an item / blocks with an id. Let me explain. I would like to make a craft that when I put a head of creeper and a tnt just one next to the other, I would like to give a creeper egg. But when I want to do the craft in the game, I just get a Spawn Egg Noraml. I can not bring up mob with it. I just have something useless, and I do not even want it. It's also the same with dyes. I want in a machine that can make new crafts. I wish I could make a new craft that is an iron block with a lapis lazuli ore gives a block of lapis lazuli, but when I get in the game to try it, I can not do the craft, while I get there when I want to make an iron block with a gold bar that gives a block of gold.

I would like you to solve it quickly, and I hope I was really clear.


P-S: I can not get my Workspace as a join file because it's just too big.

Issue comments

I don't understand what is happening. Are we talking about the recipes or custom machines? I think the best option would be to make a screen recording of your issue so I can better understand the circumstances.

Unfortunately, spawn eggs don't support metadata anymore, so right now there is no way to achieve this. Metadata works in general, just not with spawn eggs.

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