Can't Put OBJ Custom Model For Block In 1.7.2

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Issue description

I am having a problem with my mod. I am trying to make a block that is a 3D Custom Cookies and Milk on a plate, but I turned the files from blockbench to OBJ and JSON none of those work. I turn it into a Blender file and another OBJ, but it keeps telling me when I put the file in that I need to put a custom model in. It makes no sense because it won't save anything I put in the custom models! It really is bugging me.

I pressed the custom model and it is not like it is saying it is not a file, it is saying that it is NOTHING. 

I also looked up a lot of videos, everybody used TECNHE and MCreator suggests Blender. I used Blender when Blockbench OBJs wouldn't work, but it still did the same thing. I am not 1.7.9, or anything above that. The videos say that you that those for the OBJs, but I don't know how to download TECHNE. 


Can anyone help? Thanks!

Issue comments

MCreator 1.7.2 is not supported anymore. And I can't really understand what is happening too. Please update to a supported version of MCreator and provide a screen recording in case the bug is still present.

Thanks for responding! But I can't update, the higher ones aren't for 1.7.10, 1.7.3 is bugged with the exporting mods and the recompile. Also, even if I get a higher one, i'll have to restart everything in my mod. 

What is happening is: I made my model really excited to test it out, I went to the option to make a block, I made a block. Clicked the button: "Custom" for the model type, and then I clicked the file. The MCreator was saying that I didn't even put in a file. 


I Also have a similar issue EXEPT the obj Thing doesnt even show for me in 1.7.3 MCreator for 1.7.10 minecraft