Interpolate Checkbox

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I came across a very neat feature.

It can be used to make animated Textures look way cooler in some cases.

The feature can be activated by adding this code to the .mcmeta file:

"interpolate": true

If a user clicks on the --> Interpolate? <-- checkbox in the animation editor in MCreator, the .mcmeta file could look like this:

  "animation": {
    "frametime": 10,
    "interpolate": true,
    "frames": [

Here is a link to a video, where you can see what interpolation does:

Would be nice to see this feature in MCreator :D

Issue comments

Very neat feature indeed. We will definitely add this checkbox, but most likely in 1.8.1, not 1.8.0 as it has its feature list closed and is now being in late development before the release.

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