Recipe procedure and (remove block and item from provided player's inventory) in same event are conflicting.

Works as designed
Issue description

The second half of the issue is self-explanatory. If you create an event for removing a block, and placing a different block, and then removing 1 item from the inventory (Consumption) it breaks the event. for the first part of the issue in the title, for example, when creating a crafting recipe around Blocks.PLANKS or Blocks.LOG, it does not take that into factor when trying to replicate the recipe in-game. I tried to make a recipe around 3 Blocks.LOG and the only log that was applicable to my recipe's successful output, was the standard oak log, not birch, or Dark oak, or jungle Logs like it should. Same goes for planks. ALSO, checking off shapeless for shapeless crafting is completely ignored when attempting shapeless crafting even after I've created a recipe and attempted different shapes to achieve the same output. Any ideas?

Issue comments

After further testing, it looks like you cannot set up an event in which you play a block at X Y Z, and then attach a block for removing the item from the provided player's inventory. (consumption essentially)

You need to use the log block that has all the log textures on it to support what you want to achive.

Regarding the event procedure bug, open a separate ticket please and provide error logs or describe what you mean with "breaks the event".