Cross X Blocks are Bugged

Published by Hidan on Wed, 09/05/2018 - 23:55
Issue description

So I was making a simply tree sapling that will after some ticks generate a tree structure on sapling's place to do it I have created simply block that is Cross X type
give it some properties like it will break when there is not specific block under and after some ticks it will be removed and placed tree schematic but problem here is that its not running procedure on Random tick and Tick Update also its texture is more darker than it should be which makes it look like they were dead
to clarify, Random Tick and Tick update works on block as they should but not on Cross X type blocks.
Note: IDK if other Conditions works but I know that (When Block Placed By Entity) Works fine.

How to reproduce this Bug:
1. Make any block Cross X type
2. Test it in Game

Also a Picture that shows how block looks like and How it should look when placed and no its not a Light Bug

Issue comments

Tick update works as it should, I have tested it myself. It must be something else wrong with the procedure.

Regarding the rendering issue, this is due to light opacity being set to 255. You need to set it to 0 in order for light to light the "inside" of the cube, where the actual block is.

I will make that MCreator will set opacity to 0 if render type will be set to cross in 1.8.1.