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Published by Snow_Bear on Fri, 09/14/2018 - 17:20
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Hello, my name is Roman.
I started playing Maincraft "not so long ago", my acquaintance with the cube world happened at the time of the development of version 1.7.10 and the appearance of a huge number of mods for this version.
Since then, I love Maincraft and traditionally, two or three times a year I spend 7-10 days searching for a small set of "ideal mods", for example, over the past two weeks I have reviewed (and many of them tested) more than half a thousand mods.

As you may have noticed, there are countless mods on the Internet and, in theory, spending 500 man-hours per year, the probability of finding the right fashion is very high, especially if you are looking for something very popular, but ...
For some reason, the many necessary modes simply do not exist, or they perform only a part of the necessary functions.

I will list a list of what I think is lacking in Mayncraft given the abundance of mods on a wide variety of topics.
1. Customizable trade with villagers.
I do not argue, there are several effective ways to adjust the trade with them, now you will understand how much it is not convenient.

Imagine that you are playing with friends on a personal server, people are playing 10.
Everyone runs to their side and within an hour of the game the players are confronted with 2-3 villages, depending on the grain of the map, there may be more villages.
In each village there are 10 residents, so now you must give up everything to program 30 residents as needed?

Some modes can edit the frequency of ore generation, for example, it is possible to make iron ore that is generated 20 times less often, which means it will become quite expensive and more importantly, a rare one.
And the player stumbles upon a newly-generated village with a blacksmith, and buys iron tools "for wheat from the field." Or worse - diamond things, while the card's creator completely removed the generation of diamonds in order to equalize the chances of the players.

Yes, very many people have this thinking approach:
If this is a problem, just take the villages out of the game.
But this does not go in favor of the quality of the game, instead of improving or adapting it, one will have to give up one for the sake of something else, because many modders are more interested in making 300+ types of swords that still kill any mob with 1-2 blows no matter what color or shape would not be drawn.

Mod allowing on behalf of the Administrator / Creator to edit the trading transactions of each of the Peaceful Residents individually, and globally change the possible transactions.
Of course, it's even better if you can supplement with mod-mode settings with new currencies, or expose the purchase / sale of resources even from other mods.

In general, the idea is somewhat more global, more ideas, details, comparison with existing mods is possible in the further discussion.



2. System of money, trade, exchange and exchange points, shops ...
On this subject there are quite a few mods, worthy, good, even completely covering the main trading need.

So what am I, "impudent mug", still want for happiness !? Impudence and I really do not hold, on "satisfactory" I find it difficult to stop.

First, different modes imply different ways of generating income, and some only "creative intervention."
A great fashion for trading, which wants to add a reward for killing monsters, the so-called "monster hunter" profession can spoil the mood, if this is not possible.

Some mods, such as Custom NPCs, allow you to organize a salesperson, but the cost of the item is difficult to establish. Imagine that a diamond costs 400 coins, there are coins with a denomination of 1, 9, 81, 729 coins and so on.
So the cost of the sword is 800 coins, but you can ask 729 + 64 = 793 or 81 * 9 + 9 * 7 = 792 coins.

If you equate a wooden coin to 1, a stone one to 5, an iron one to 25 coins, etc. in theory everything is decided, but in fact to buy seedlings you will have to exchange a diamond coin for almost 39 stacks of wooden coins.
In general, and the inventory is cursed with money because it was necessary to buy something cheap.

Of course there are trading blocks from other mods that help sell the thing for "exactly 10 thousand" and instantly change money to the desired denomination, as well as use any face value of the coin quickly and easily.
Of course, this is less attractive than a seller in McDonald's with a McDonald's employee skin and a set of McDonald's products ...
The mountain is not attractive cubes, taking away all the charm of the building, just because someone seemed to stop at what it is. Tolerant, but very sad.

Ideally, from 5-6 mods of the same theme, you can create a good economy, an attractive trading system, with very shocking chips, tweaks and amenities. Yes, they can cover the needs of almost any server. These 5-6 mods are.
And meanwhile there are huge problems with their simultaneous use, each mod uses its own currency, each mode has its own variation of "safe with money", "bank card" or "system of denominations."
Add 10 blocks to the store, where you can quickly exchange one money for others, so that you can buy the goods you need in a convenient way to you, or more precisely, so that the seller can sell you goods in a more convenient way, through a more convenient trading block, which means with the use of the second, third, fourth, etc. currency.



I would love to create this mod, several types of trading blocks or ways of trading, earning, exchanging and storing money, but I have programming skills on languages that are not suitable for maincraft.
Most saddening is the fact that, in principle, my main job is to create trading systems, systems of economics and all that sort of thing. But in other languages, for other purposes ...

Therefore, I will be happy to share ideas with all comers.
But if among you there are experienced or versed in programming participants, we can together do the functions. Someone one will help to do one function, another one, and in a few months it may be the appearance of a betta version of a fashion more suitable for all needs.

The only thing is, do not blame me, before meeting with MCreator, I did not even think about studying this language and I may need to implement even the most simple functions (first time).
And the language itself is not interesting for me, so in-depth study, especially given my work, I can not wait.

Until tomorrow, I hope not in vain.

Issue comments

Very nice write-up. What you are trying to achieve is partially already possible with MCreator. More will be possible with the FE energy system which will allow the currency to be stored as a global world shared variable.

I suggest you that you open a forum topic on this issue instead of a tracker issue, as this is a more wide question and the problem that can be solved with the issue of community and experienced modders.

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