Player's inventory slot management procedure blocks

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Issue description

I thought that the "add item to inventory" dropped that item on the ground if the player's inventory can't store it, until I tested it and discovered that it will just waste the item.

If you make that the "add item to player's inventory" drops the item on the ground if the inventory is full instead of wasting it, that will fix a lot of bugs.

Issue comments

The goal of each procedure block is to be as simple as possible. This gives the user more control over the actual mechanics of the procedure.

 The effect you are aiming for can be achieved by a condition that checks if the amount of blocks in the slot is larger than slot max, and if this is the case, instead of adding in the slot, you spawn a gem of that type.

But I can't find a condition that checks if there is an empty slot in player's inventory and a condition that checks if there is a slot in the player's inventory that has a specific number of a specific item

(Sorry for bad English)

Based on some reading on Minecraft Forge forums, it seems that dropping by default seems to be a good practice, so in MCreator 1.8.1, the add to players inventory procedure block will drop gems by default if the inventory of the player is full (like it was your original idea :) ).

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