MRC file Question & Bug?

Published by KreatorB on Thu, 10/04/2018 - 13:54
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Issue description

I have a Mod that hit its max amount of elements, as you know I separated the mod into 2 MCR files. While it all worked fine, I now am having trouble with the second file. After spending endless time deleting each element and waiting the file was done I saved it. Now I try to load that MCR FILE AND IT GOES THROUGH ALL THE STAGES EXCEPT THE LAST. When it gets to the last stage it loads and loads forever. If I close the MCreator window and reopen it the file is loaded but it has all the original elements but none of them work so I must delete them all again.  What is strange is if I load the first file that was separated it all loads and works fine. Yet my issue comes from the second file.

My issue at the moment is that I con not even load the second file anymore it hangs in the load components phase. can you help

Issue comments

Try running MCreator with .bat wile and paste any error logs you see in the terminal when the MCreator hangs. And provide a screenshot of this window too if possible, thanks!

Posted details, but now the loading just hangs and I can no longer access my mod. I will need to reinstall the MCreator to break out of the issue. Then reload the MCR file in hopes. I really do not want to lose all this work



Both of these are known 1.8.0 bugs. Please send me the broken workspace and I will try to import it and investigate what causes this hang.

okay. will send it... Just as a not I took an old version and reloaded and am deleting all elements again to create a fresh file. thanks


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