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Translating a mod into a language other than English is hard in Mcreator. It would be nice if we could import and export excel worksheets for this (or another spread sheet). 

attached is an image of what I mean by a spreadsheet with translation.


(either this or copy and paste would be appreciated)

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There is no reason for this to be implemented as one can edit translations in MCreator.

Yes I know but it is still painfully slow. And if you have a document that someone else has translated for you one has to re- type every character. There is no copy and paste or anything!

Submitted by Goldorion on Fri, 11/09/2018 - 12:06

Can you also, add an option, so that I can (everyone) take a language that I have already translated, to use it as a template for a new language. I would like, for example, to take the French language of France that I have already translated, and to put the translations into another language such as French Canada.


What I mean is that

1- I translate into one language.

2- I add a language in the files.

3- I use as a basic translation the French of France.

4- I'm just doing the two three changes.


I thank you in advance if you add this option there.

We will add an option to export and import translations in CSV format in 1.8.3.

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