Increase the explosion power

Published by Goldorion on Fri, 10/19/2018 - 16:48
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I know I'm asking for something really just not a lot, but hey. i want to do a lot of new tnts for one of my mods but i am limited to 100x burst the power of a tnt. EJ would therefore like you to increase the power to at least 500x or unlimited please. i know that this will be able to give rise to tnts that make crash or lag the games, but we would just need to put a warning in the description of the mod, by ticking a box, or other.

Here, I hope I have explained enough to you my idea, and that you will do something. At least, increase to 500x, please.



Issue comments

In procedure editor, you can define any power you desire. But for very powerful explosions, it is better to make a smaller explosion and then remove blocks by placing an empty (air-filled) structure there, otherwise, you will most likely crash the game.

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