Portal Exiting Issue/Bug

Published by KreatorB on Tue, 10/23/2018 - 12:43
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Issue description

I have been working on the mod element to create my own dimension.
I must say I have successfully done it also, while tweaks are needed it works great over all.


HOWEVER: Why is when I go through the portal in survival I come out on the other side in different places and never on the portal base? This happens in both directions!
EXAMPLE: sometimes the portal is in mid air and I am dropped off of it to the land or water below, or sometimes I find myself in the ground dying and need to dig my way out.

However, if I am in creative and go through the portal all works as intended, can you please look into it and or let me know if I am going something wrong.

Please not if you need my MCR file I will gladly send it to the support email.


Thank you 

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