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Published by Goldorion on Sat, 11/03/2018 - 23:10
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Issue description


I found a bug with the name of the keyboard keys.

1- Create a new key with the name, keyboard key, procedure and the rest.
2- Launch the game in MCreator or with the exported mod.
3- Go to the Controls tab, and go down to misc. (or the category you have chosen, if you are going in the code.You should be able to change it directly in the interface.).
4- Just look for your key, and you should see that the name of your key should follow the following pattern. key.mcreator.YourNameOfYourKey

I gave you an image in the attached files, so that it is more accurate the result that we have no matter what we do.

Hopefully I'll never see this bug again in the next release and more (I'm looking forward to it.).


Issue comments

I have tested this right now and it worked for me with a proper name. Would you mind attaching the workspace that has this bug?

I have found the cause. You were just in time, this bug fix will be released with MCreator 1.8.1.

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