Procedures and Overlay

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Issue description

I wish that you add a new Procedure puzzle part for Player Management which is Show overlay [ v]

Issue comments

You can create a new global logic variable and set the variable as an overlay display condition. Then set this variable to true or false by any trigger and this way you can toggle the overlay from other procedures.

Hummm I don't understand, what I want is to show an Overlay when collide with a block, also I know nothing about Variables

What do I do to display an overlay when collide block?

  1. Create a new global logic variable
  2. Set overlay condition to be based on this variable value
  3. On player collides trigger should trigger procedure that sets the overlay logic variable to true
  4. Block update tick trigger should be setting the overlay logic variable back to false

You can add new global variable in main workspace panel in variables tab.

2. Set overlay condition to be based on this variable value

But how will we do that? i only have option for procedures and i did the "variable = true" part but how do I attach it to the trigger event?

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