"Is entity exposed to the sky" procedure block

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Issue description

A "is entity exposed to the sky" procedure block could be similar to "can block see the sky" but used instead for entities.

This could be combined with is day in the provided world and is not raining and thundering in the provided world using tick rate triggers to make custom mobs burn in the sunlight like most undead mobs (zombies, skeletons...).

This could also be used for making a few other stuff such as water-based mobs that regenerate life if it's raining.

Issue comments

You can use can block see the sky for this. Can block see the sky actually means if the location at x,y and z can see the sky so you can use this one for the entities too.

I didn't know it works with entities too. Thanks for letting me know.

I can start making my undead mobs burn in the day! :D