Mob Model Error

Published by _chuchu_ on Wed, 12/05/2018 - 12:49
Works as designed
Issue description

Hello ! I don't really know if I should set this as bug report or support request,but I post it as support request.

I made a model using the Blockbench brand new java exporter for entity model, but everytime I get a strange error.

I guess it's like when Tabula first appeared, you will need to code the support of the model coming from this modeller, but it's still a strange error.

I will attach in that post the model (don't steal)

And here's a pic :

Attachment Size
modelsapplingthing.zip850 bytes 850 bytes

Issue comments

You either gave no name to the model or could be a BlockBench bug. Model definition looks like this:

public class  extends ModelBase

but should be like (note that I made up a model name):

public class CustomModelName  extends ModelBase

This is not a MCreator bug but BlockBench one. A quick look at other parts of the code gives me the feeling that if the code above would be correct and should work with MCreator.

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