Add cobweb stickiness property to block properties

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Issue description

This isn't in Mcreator yet and should be.

Add the property to block properties that determines if a block acts like a cobweb (player gets stuck and slowly sinks through it and can't jump out of it) so that custom blocks can be made that the player gets stuck in and slowly sinks through like the spider web. i want to create a custom barbwire block for a mod with MCreator that will trap the player in it like a spider web and deal a little damage every second.

Also add some dial to determine how fast the player sinks through the custom block with the cobweb stickiness property.

Issue comments

We could add procedure trigger that makes entity behave like in web for one tick. This is how BlockWeb is implemented:



What I usually do for this is make a block that can be walked through and gives a high level of slowness on collision.

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